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Conferencia en ESERP Mallorca sobre la Reputación online de los hoteles

10 junio 2013

ESERP Business School ofrecerá una conferencia que estará subvencionada por la propia Fundación Universitaria, sobre Cómo gestionar la reputación online de un hotel. Será el día 27 de junio en la sede de ESERP en Mallorca, sita en calle Balmes nº 50 en Palma. Las plazas son limitadas, por lo que será necesario que confirmen su asistencia a Dña. Marta Sánchez (


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The internet and social media have dramatically changed how tourists gain information, plan their vacation, and shop for hotel accommodation. Such developments challenge the traditional marketing and sales process of the hospitality industry as travelers increasingly are bypassing traditional sources like travel agents, travel media, and hotel marketers and turning to other travelers and peers in review sites like TripAdvisor or social networks as Facebook in order to gain information and advice. What people say online about your hotel has become crucial for your business success. To stay on top of this shift, hotels must leverage the powers of social media to engage tourists, build advocacy and loyalty, and drive revenue. This means monitoring, analyzing, and reacting to online reviews and feedback and engaging in activities to generate favorable reviews and content.

Who should attend? This seminar is designed for hotel executives, owners, directors and managers of sales, marketing, revenue and e-Commerce, and any individuals responsible for social media and hotel marketing in properties ranging from small independents to large chain hotels.

In this intensive, practice-oriented two-hour seminar, participants will learn how to improve the online reputation of their hotel and attract more customers into their properties by:

  • developing their own Online Reputation Management program
  • using negative reviews to effect positive change in their hotel
  • effectively monitoring, analysing, and responding to reviews and feedback
  • using time- and cost saving Reputation Management tools

Fee:   free, but space is limited—register today!

About the Seminar Lecturer

Niki Christian Nutsch (MBA) is a lecture at Universities and Business Schools all over Europe and a Marketing Consultant for the international hospitality industry. He has 9 years of Marketing, Sales and Business Development experience within the tourism industry, having worked for leading organizations such as Marriott International and in various European countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy and the UK. Niki holds an MBA from the University of Liverpool (UK) and is a Doctoral Researcher at the Oxford School of Hospitality Management, where his research focuses on the impact of consumer empowerment and online reputation management. He is a member of the Travel and Tourism Research Association (ttra), the International Federation for Information Technologies in Travel and Tourism (IFITT), the American Resort Development Organization (ARDA), and the Association for Tourism and Leisure Education (ATLAS).